Thursday, July 15, 2010

Wreath Nordic Ware Recipe

* The Tale of Kieu

OK, viennent pour mes amies rules assez tard à ce blog, j'etais choisie pour le role de reimbursement Auditions apres les finales pour ce role. Merci à toutes les personnes dans rules Ont vote pour moi l'audition Idol finale de la semaine du 4 Kieu Juillet. Ha, de la promo 70, m'a aide à capturer ces videos television in late June: the first hearing

the final audition for the role of Hoan Thu:

And one of the two Kiềus. She is adorable, pretty, with a great personality and has so much talent

Incredible! If, in my Younger Days, anyone Told Me That I Would Be one day doing this, I Would Have Laughed and Thought They Were Crazy. Ah, I must also tell you that, finally, the role of Hoan Thu is not a musical role, just pure theater!

Burton Wolfe, director of Worldwide Stage Inc.. said that if this part will be a success here, he will take in Los Angeles, New York, Australia, etc. ... where there is a large Vietnamese community Anglophone. The play will be bilingual. But in every place they go to auditions for local talent search. So if 'The Tale of Kieu Musical' is coming to your town, go to the audition, just for fun! Tonight is the first rehearsal and I really had good time! If only my family, and my friends live here for part 10-12 September! I learned a lot from the director tonight. I now send you a short article published in the magazine Yellow essentially for the Asian community (Vietnamese and Chinese) that the director gave us tonight. Everyone is really nice and the atmosphere, even in the competition is friendly and very nice. Saturday morning will be repeated for the whole gang. We will have rehearsals twice a week until the day of performance. The director is very demanding. We did and it repeats the same scene umpteen times.

Maybe my role in "The Two Shy "prepared me for the role of Hoan Thu Who knows? I also remember having played the role of Chimene in" Le Cid "- in French, yes - at the University of Tennessee (Knoxville) in 1976 . I do not know how I could memorize all the verses of Corneille!! Rodrigue was a young friend, Gay As Can Be! Then, Thu Hong, to answer your question about what I do now with time available to me? Our blog, our meeting and my "career" as an actress who started (ha ha) in the autumn of my life, among other things ...
At least, I hope Tuong Van and Van Khanh will come to see me in September! Click in the article if you aggrendir you to read.


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