Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lord Of The Rings Audiobook Unabridged

Kieu Truong Xua * NHO MAY Lam Ngoc Dung (Vietnam)

Lan Chi remains in contact with Lâm Ngọc Dung and regularly sent me this note last week: Dear

Cam Sa
Here Ngọc Dung's poem, written for our promo :


Bon Muoi Remembering the years of separation
school roof,

peaceful memories engraved in their memories. Ngoi
cathedral quietly witnessed many changes

downs in life. Since birds swallow

Tung wings away, wandering all over the sky
, one of the few old school
old blue hair, has now faded

At each step time. The heart is suddenly attachment

Age pupil dreams. Want
outstretched arms Hold
old teacher you hope to find a moment

Age of Innocence day.

Lam Ngoc Dung (2010)

Thank Ngoc Dung has sent us this a very touching poem! And thank Lan Chi has passed for all.

Malgre la distance et le temps passé, nous pouvons C'est etonnant comment catch up time and capture the memories through the phone and the Internet and find ourselves in the comfort of our home without going anywhere! But soon we can see or Paris, or Canada or the United States next year, and afterwards too, now that links have been renewed.

Also very good news Hung Canada to strengthen our meeting. With the help of Sun Hong, Hung contacted me and gave a list of old (ADI Lạt) Canada (Quebec) that I did not have before. I hope that our newly found old will also be able to tell us their preference: Angela Yue Huang, Rosine Thu Hien, Minh Tam, My Dung, Christiane Thu Nga. En meme temps que j'apprends Catherine Phuong Mai Phuong et sont en France.

increasingly linking arms out wide! Thank you all!


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