Monday, July 19, 2010

Bamboo Sticks For Arch

, tourist destination? Judge for yourself ...

We walk ... Defense, available light and curious!

We are not now part of the 180,000 people who work there or the 20,000 who live (2009 figures EPA Seine-Arche) then cool

"Grattons heaven" joyfully!

We embark,
Metro Line 1 station "Esplanade de la Defense" or "La Défense - Grande Arche"
Perhaps RER station "La Defense - Grande Ark, "and why not Tram ? T2 "ladefense"
a bus ....

To guide you, A PLAN!

But tell me, all this did not happen in a day, is not it?
"Once Upon a Time in La Défense", the seasons 1.2 and 3'll tell you more ...


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