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What Is Height Of Collimation

* A Quebec Pure Wool For You

Cam Sa: Guess who is the pure laine Quebecois? ..... Tran Thi Thu Hong
(now the Hong Thu Boursodière pure wool!)

June 17, 2010 Hello

Her Cam!
What fun and what a nice surprise to read you!
I still remember the image of a very serious girl, with long black hair curled, fallen on the shoulders, wearing black-rimmed glasses, dressed in a beautiful Ao dai xanh da third. She used to walk with her friends in the little gravel path, bordered by a row of exotic shrubs in the courtyard of the ec
ole. Her name was Cam Sa
I remember the young Sun Hong with her beautiful eyes with long lashes and tight, and a sweet smile, very posed. And I also remember the blue canopy aos! I was tired of pleated skirts, but fortunately we had allowed the mothers to wear another uniform. And I also remember my hair Cleopatra (ugh!) and my glasses (ugh and ugh!)

Previously, Tram Anh and I were in the convent of birds Đà Lạt ... we were transferred to the Lycée Yersin. Alas Tram Anh and I were not happy there, because we had failed to adapt to the new environment. Tram Anh had therefore taken the initiative to write to mother St. Anne we include in Saigon. A chance
e that this application had been accepted. And now, from this moment, I became S have gonnaise .
I always felt you were with us for two very long, not just 2 years!

I arrived in Canada 17 December 1971. I studied in elementary education with Ngoc Tuyen. Cecile Dam Sam was with us both equally.
Me too, I came to the United States in December 1971. I started like you by three studies in education - but secondary (Français Literature) and an MA in Literature Translation
ease), and finally, after a year of unsatisfactory performance, đói dji hoc lai qua MBA in Finance to redo my life.

Starting next September, the three of us will be officially retired. According to your letter , if I understand you also already part of the club happy retirees since 2008. D
years what area were you?
Business Analysis and Development with ExxonMobil for 27 years until November 2008 when ExxonMobil exported my tiny department in Brazil and gave me a parachute and retire.

You asked me if I have news Ngọc Thu (who had studied for a time in the school Thien Phuoc with Minh Chau). As regards Thuy Nga, I see from time to time. She is currently working for the government.

Oh yes! I'll talk about myself a little: I have an only son of 28. It is ergothérapeuthe for the elderly and people with palliative care. Mom husband Quebecois pure laine. (Ha, ha, ha, I love that phrase!) Currently we are in the country. but next year we intend to move to Montreal to enjoy life more cultural
in the city when we retire.
I have a daughter age 18, ending his first year at university. My husband comes from a farming family in the dustbowl - Oklahoma. It still works and he talks all the time of retirement in his native village. Ja'i of
û tell him that me and the campaign is like water and oil, ç has not mix!
Her Cam have created a special site for us. Your generosity, your availability and your talent has allowed us to relive the beautiful moments of our youth and reconnect with some links. (Not so much talent! Fumbles ... I have patience!)

Before concluding my letter, I dedicate to you, dear Cam Sa, the thought of Frederic Beigbeder, a young writer Fran
ç has IS which is right in saying that reading is a way to disappear î be time, and writing as a way to remember. (Thanks, it's very true!)

Big Kisses!

Thu Hong

Note: Photo taken last year at home: Thuy Nga (all white), Thu Hong (black shirt + red collar) and Ngọc Thu (pink striped sweater).

you like this kiss that Thu Hong sent me? Not bad for a person with no computer! It impressed me enormously, and now that Hong Sun showed me how to get these gifs, instructions are included for you! It's great, right? Thu Hong thank you! And thank you all (Anna, Minh Chau, et al.) For showing me how to make signs Fran ç ais !

1) Steps You
2) Then you write in the search gifs
3) You're Back
4) You make the place ribbon scroll further down until you find the item more 10 000 Animated Gifs transparent themes. is the best. Others are less beautiful.
5) There, you'll be spoiled for choice: You click on a theme or design of your choice . Once selected, with THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON , you ask COPY.
6) Finally you return to your page and work you do PASTE. And that's it! You see, it's just like saying hello!

good week, everyone! Her cam


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