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Enchanted La Defense - 2nd season - the slab and the Grande Arche

The general layout of the neighborhood of Defense has been designed according to the principles of the Modern movement between 1960 and 1980. The organization of space based on a strict separation of flow . The neighborhood is built around a large slab (1978) grouping all pedestrian traffic, while traffic (ring road), deliveries and parking are located on the periphery or in the slab. This is a vast public space (30 acres) dedicated to the exclusive use by pedestrians and emergency vehicles. Oriented axially along the historic and natural terrain, it allows the service areas and buildings of Defense.
Basin Takis farm east end of the slab.

Men of the City (1995) Sitprott
The esplanade is lined with low buildings. It is an avenue planted with plane trees sheltering spaces for rest and recreation.

Three Tree Guy-Rachel Grataloup (1988)

The Moretti (1995 fiberglass) by Raymond Moretti

"Dance" of Shelomo Selinger (1983)
Place of Defense, located at the roundabout of Defense is a place of heavy traffic for pedestrians.
The monumental fountain Yaacov Agam

The square is the space Major major axis, in the heart of the main equipment of the neighborhood are the Grande Arche and the CNIT shopping center of Ember.
It is sometimes funny games!

You've noticed is that correct? Some 60 works of art , frescoes and sculptures often monumental in scale modern living Defense .

After the economic crisis of 1973 and a period of scarcity for Defense the desire for more individual office space and more attractive, brighter on the inside and outside induces the creation of buildings with more and different surfaces, the third generation ones.

"Mirrors" the architect of Henry Fonta (1981), only 16 floors and a large "patio"
Fireplaces Patio Mosaic mirrors Michel Deverne
Sleepwalker (1983) De Miller (1898-1976)

The building Pascal (1983), former IBM tower in Europe, the same architect, two contiguous towers (18 and 28 floors)
and tower has SCOR (1983), Jean Balladur (15 storeys), 60m high, are the same generation.

The biggest shopping center in Europe at that time (100,000 m2), The Four Time , was established in 1981, hotels are opening their doors and we launched the competition in 1982 which led to the Grande Arche.

Characters Joan Miró 1976

In the third generation also Total tower, built in 1985, is the tallest skyscraper in La French defense and the second after the Tour Montparnasse (same architecture) with its 190 m high and 48 floors.
Its architects (architects WZMH, Roger Saubot and François Jullien) were able to account for the mistakes of previous generations towers. Thus, all offices of the tower have "daylight" and it includes proper management of energy savings (insulation glazing, management of energy consumption).
It consists of 3 towers attached to each other. If the highest is 48 storeys, the other two have 37 and 44.

Tower Sequoia (1989, 119m, architects Nicolas Ayoub, Andrault Michel, Pierre Parat), this tower is the first of Defense to have a curved facade "tense" with a straight facade.
It overlooks the circular road and railway line.

La Grande Arche (1983-1989)
EPAD organized in July 1982, a competition to build a building prestigious "International Communication", worthy of the Louvre or the Arc de Triomphe, close to the axis history. The jury will receive 424 projects. It is, cons Surprisingly, the project Johan Otto von Spreckelsen and Danish design engineer Erik Reitzel , which is retained. The Danish architect will refine its project over the three years that follow.
The site is four years. It begins in 1985 and during the summer of 1986 Johann Otto von Spreckelsen asked to be relieved of all obligations concerning the Ark and entrusted the responsibility of architecture to Paul Andreu. The Ark will be inaugurated in July 1989. Von Spreckelsen, died March 16, 1987 (58 years), will not see his work.
is a real technical challenge. This hollow cube almost perfect (108 * 110 * 112 m), is placed slightly askew from the historic axis (6.33 °) which showcases its volume. It is also the angle between the Cour Carree du Louvre and Place de la Concorde.

It is topped with a roof terrace over one hectare weighs more than 30 000 tonnes which is based on two rows of six cells. Concrete used is of high quality (prestressed concrete-based smoke silica, strength and flexibility). The exterior facades, covered with glass plates 5cm thick meditate without blemish and resist strong wind. The cladding consists of 3 acres of white Carrara marble and gray granite. The 87000m2 office can accommodate 2,000 employees on 35 floors.
The " cloud" fiberglass , directed by Paul Andreu and engineer Peter Rice is suspended by a system of rods and hooks to a spider web of ropes steel.

Tower Pacific (1992, 90 ft, 25 floors, Kisho Kurokawa (黒 川 纪 章: Kurokawa Kisho).
this building as the tower Sequoia has a flat front and a curved facade.
The tower was hollow at its center to allow a pedestrian to reach the other side of the tower N314 Kupka (1992 , 19 floors, architects Andrault Michel, Pierre Parat), which could be described of "twin sister" of the Pacific because of the same form.
The Pacific (reflecting in turn kupka ...) in particular has hosted the headquarters of Usinor, Arcelor Mittal today.
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