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* A Musical Voice of the mountains of Northern California

Hong Mai and Ai place have greatly influenced the beginning of our blog and helped me to give shape to the blog you see now. After I posted my photos of the meeting with the class of 1970, Shutterfly, I did not know what direction to take. Hong Mai then sent me pictures of our social activities with Mother Jean-Marie and photos with Tuong Van, and have helped place we find Mỹ Tuyet and Mr. Bá. That pushed me in the right direction to create this blog where you all are the stars now. Our two friends continue to give me news of the other all the time. Hong Mai recently gave me the address of Suzanne Hong Thuy, I wrote, Zanne called me and gave me the telephone number of Anne-Marie Kim Nhung, Anne-Marie gave me the telephone number Tuyet Mai in Canada. I'll call Tuyet Mai tonight and we will restore three more links. Can you imagine what path Hong Mai took up the mountain in California?

May 22, 2010
Hello CS, Hong Mai's me I just posted my picture.
You have not changed beacucoup! It's nice to meet again. Where are you now? In France or Switzerland? (HM was the only person, other than me to post his photo on Shutterfly!)

I live in the United States for almost 26 years now, first and last 15 FORID years in California where I work and live in a Vietnamese Buddhist temple. You can visit our website and see www.kimson.org i mages of the temple located on a mountain. So, I'm an hour drive from San Jose and two hours from San Francisco.

I wonder what quangtam in your email address means: What is your name there? You say you work in the temple, what are you doing here? You made the vows and Buddhists are now or CO?

I'm not converted nun. Nope, I worked as a secretary at the temple. When I had my license of psychology at Geneva in Switzerland, I first worked in international organizations in Geneva and then in a psychiatric center in Switzerland. In 1983 I Moved To The states in the years 1983-1996, I worked for the state of Florida as a paralegal. After ja'i decided to retire and go to work and live in California, learn more seriously Buddhism and meditation.
My whole family (brothers, sisters, n eveu and niece) lives in France, particularly in Paris where I was coming back regularly to spend my holidays every year except last year and this year I do not know not yet.
You know CS looking closely your pretty pictures with your family, I think you embellished with age, in Vietnamese we say "DJEP Lao", in any case your daughter is very pretty! and I understand your pride. I've never married and therefore remained single. Yep! Voil a quick summary of my life until now. You live in Houston and you know Tuong Van is also over here is not it? And I also know that many of our classmates live in the U.S. but to find them?? Have you asked Tram Anh? For a few years ago she made her grand tour here and in Canada. I think it's a good idea to organize the meeting in Paris. I love Paris!

Hee hee, Educate me ... Ah, that Tam Quang and Tam Quang not. Okay now I understand why you told me you work in a temple! You know I always thought that one day if something happens to David, I will retire in a temple. Maybe I'll do the same thing as you. The mountain, meditation, sounds great! Then with your education in psychology you serve as counselor? You live in the temple throughout the year too? I have one of these days you come to visit. Yes, Tuong Van and I are meeting occasionally for lunch. I'll wait j'usqu'au June and I'll send a note on the meeting. We must form a committer to the coordinator all that. You want to serve as Treasurer?

Pháp Quang Tam's my Danh (Buddhist name). Yes I also studied in an American Buddhist school for some time and I obtenu un diplome de "Buddhist chaplain." Je suis donc un mais pas une nonne chaplain! Qu'est-ce qu'un

chapelain bouddhiste fait? Buddhist preaching and prayer for the prayer meeting? Vietnamese is the titre What? C'est l'

Aumonier Chaplain (Côte du catholique) rules peut fonder une famille mais si il ou elle le shouhaite. Chaplain n'a pas d'en Vietnamien equivalence. The closest one is "The Declaration" je crois. ICI je travaille à mi-temps (chez les americains) comme aumonier. En general on enseigne le ou la bouddhisme Meditation in prisons or in hospitals and hospices. At the temple, I am taking care of the paperwork secretary for the impending construction of the new church. In fact I think Tuong Van would be a good treasurer! CS not me. These are some photos taken last year in France.

What Tuong Van says about the title Treasurer? Yes?
Photos of Kim Son Temple in the snow are so beautiful and carefree, go watch! We can even arrange a small pension is one of those days? Tuyet Lan, you worship the Buddhist com chay, it will be great! Hong thank you May everything you have done for our efforts to renew our ties!
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