Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nadine Jensen & Melina Velba

Link ... between two sides - the gateway Debilly

Small bridge for pedestrians is a footbridge.
Not enough to make a "soap opera?
And why not? A link between two banks , it is not necessarily dangerous? And even then ...
In Paris, passrelles "these banks' cross the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin ... If you unearth other, you tell me!

Season 1: Gateway Debilly
On the Seine, is the oldest in its original condition finally, almost, its coating is made of wood Tropical since 1997 and was repainted in 1991, above, below ...
His name, that of General of the First Empire, Jean-Louis de Billy, who died at the Battle of Jena in 1806.

is poised in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition ;
the Eiffel Tower was 11 years (late starts March 31, 1889). Like its larger neighbor, our gateway should not be sustainable ...

But after some modifications, it was moved in 1906 to become a permanent structure. Yet the president of the Society of Architects having qualified as "incidental forgotten past a party," its future was compromised in 1941 ... False alarm!
It is recorded as historical monuments since April 18, 1966.

is the commissioner general of Expo 1900, Alfred Picard, who decides, in October 1898 to build a temporary bridge to allow the flow of visitors between the different flags .
It is then called a "bridge Exhibition military."

Contemporary ... and near the Pont Alexandre-III (1900),
it has the same architect Jean Résal (1854-1919) attended the Amédée Alby engineer (1862-1942), both the Department of Navigation of the Seine , and the same manufacturer DAYDE and looted.

As Austerlitz viaduct (bridge railway line No. 5 subway between the Gare d'Austerlitz (Paris 13th) and Bridge Rapee (Paris 12th) ), completed in 1904, is a metal bridge (steel) with suspended deck arch.

The height of the arch of the bridge Debilly is 15m, width 8m her apron, the scope of its central span of 75m, and span of 22.5 m each side.
Jolie undulating silhouette, the upstream side or downstream side! It is
built on a steel frame resting on piles of masonry near the banks, decorated with ceramic tiles Gentil & Bourdet suggesting dark green waves and water plants .

Alfonso Gentil and Eugene Bourdet (establishments of the same name in Boulogne-Billancourt) worked on many buildings in Nancy and Paris, including Paris, Societe Generale (1905-1912) to 29 db Haussmann and film The Luxor (1921), near the intersection Barbès-Rochechouart, next to restaurants.

It connects the dock in New York (Paris 16th), Palais de Tokyo, built in 1937 , also a World's Fair ...

and the Quai Branly (Paris-7th), the Musée du Quai Branly (inaugurated in June 2006, architect Jean Nouvel, landscape architect Gilles Clément).

It is said that during the Cold War, this bridge was the meeting place discrete special services in the East. There are even 1989, found the body of a diplomat working for the secret service of East Germany, just days before the fall of the Berlin Wall ...
Today, there are ...


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