Thursday, August 26, 2010

How Long Can Army Call You Back After Retiring

Hat Chinese contemporary art

Enigmatic title, but "out" of choice!
We leave Paris, 82mn Trip ... Not quite, because we are close to a national public ...
A "Girolle" ? Certainly, those of declination, at risk, that we have encountered ... Of wood, this one ... and coupled with another ...
Cover immaculate, the rounded shape and smooth, Glazed observatory? what?

A restaurant? Not only!

Keystone ... pending?

eye of beef? Perhaps only half.

Pipes, "huge", sheaths rather ... We've seen it somewhere, right?
With such a chandelier, you think?

Real and dizzying volumes ... like no other, is not it?
You know where we are ... Not yet? Well, I help you, but it's your last chance!
the theaters? you're kidding! This is not a shield, yes!
This cathedral, it does you is not unknown! (It's a joke!)
is the Centre Pompidou-Metz, the first decentralization of a national public institution, the Centre Pompidou , you've met on this blog ( June 2010 "Little House ...)" .
I make you a secret, I was mesmerized by this place, this construction, and what you can see!
More stylish, crazy, awesome, functional than I expected; it's good mood this building! " Museum sculpture wearing a Chinese hat " said one of his Japanese architects Shigeru Ban. The other is John Gastines.
side face
side ... I'll spare you nothing, you see everything, not even a sky, a little strange, but whatever that is most true!

fun watching on the website of the Centre Pompidou-Metz The video of the construction ... and the rest ...
And very practically, how to get there, how much it costs when it's open ...

Currently and until October 25, 2010, in the Great Nef, in gallery 1, gallery 2, gallery 3, yal'exposition inaugural
In fact, it is not an exhibition, but a succession of exhibitions that explore the masterpiece in all its seams, one discovers ...
You can get ahead at their own pace and in his own way, guided by explanations (cartels) simple and bathed in different and imaginative stage designs in each space.
I have chosen for this blog, who echoed
... No, this is not a new skinned Fragonard (July 2010 ... SACKSICK Museum Fragonard ")

" statue from the tomb of René de Chalon, skeleton ", circa 1550, attributed to Ligier Richier

Here Balzac's robe dipped in plaster Rodin, presented here as "the first ready-made history," (April 2010 "Mom, p ' tits boats ... (1) ")

Giuseppe De Penone already crossed the Tuileries (April 2010" Mom, p'tits boats ... (1) ") always Botanic

" respirare l'ombra "1999-2000

You need to see what's inside ... ( June 2010 "Louise Bourgeois (25 December 1911 to 31 May 2010), visual artist)

Louise Bourgeois " Precious Liquids "1992

Jean Tinguely , the man behind the metal, the Stravinsky Fountain, in particular, with his wife Nikki de Saint Phalle (February 2010 Fontaine colored singing, where art thou? ")
" Meta-matic No. 1 " 1959
Lighter a "Stabile" of Calder ( July 2010 "The Defense touistique destination, judge for yourself ") mobiles,
Alexander Calder (1898-1976) "Josephine Baker " 1928
Another seat, very different from those of the Villette ( June 2010 "A grain
of" madness ", the Parc De La Villette ) by Philippe Stark

Napoleon stool prototype 1999

We went to Les Halles (August 2010 "Les Halles, Crossroads"), as Arman (1928-2005) ,

" Garbage Halles " 1961,

Finally, " Reliefs for the immense staircase of the palace Railway " of Robert Delaunay, too high Forum for the Beaubourg
find a place here in the nave,

Otherwise, hop on the TGV East ... and then yours!

You may be lucky, before October 28, 2010, in front of the station (Ah!, Metz train station!) To meet a cute "Dragon" Nikki de Saint Phalle (1998).


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