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Link ... between two sides - the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir

Small bridge for pedestrians, it is a gateway .
Not enough to make a story?
And why not? A link between two banks , is it necessarily dangerous? And even then ...
In Paris, they crossed the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin ... If you unearth other, you tell me!

Season 2 - the Passerelle Simone de Beauvoir
The "younger" (opening July 13 2006), it is!
Here is the first gateway named a woman . Because grace and elegance of its curves evoke the feminine rather? Go figure!

Light and transparent, it is the nightmare of the photographer who must hunt down and flush out the sentence ...

smart and bold, the latest both arch bridge and suspension bridge, she crossed the Seine, its banks and high-speed tracks that border, in one go without intermediate pier, with its 340m long and has a clear span of 190m (the largest in Paris by the scope ).

Indeed, architect, Ingmar Feichtinger, chose to combine the strengths of two types of bridges to gain power and maximum range: the arch bridge and suspension bridge.
note, what follows is a bit technical, but extremely informative!
The arch bridge in compression : the forces (weight of pedestrians, cyclists and the bridge itself) are transmitted by the arc, pushing on the supports Bridge.
suspension bridge or bridge "vine," He works in tension . Here the forces are transmitted through the catena pulling the supports.
The arc grows. The catena draws. The combination of vertical and horizontal forces contributes to the balance of the bridge.
On both sides, a staircase, lined with elevator access to the waterfront.
A pedestrian walks surprised following forms available to them. It wanders comfortably on the upper arch or central the deck (floor) below which follows both sides of the catenary arch side. It can also move from one level to another, by bearing exchange .
Partly Central the meeting of two curves - and catenary arc-shaped lens , a unique suspended in midstream.

The deck on a steel structure, 12 m wide, is covered with a oak floor.

At its inception, it has replaced the Bridge Charles de Gaulle, who was then the most recent Paris.
Like her, linking the 12th and 13th arrondissements, has its origins in recent development of the south-east of Paris, in the districts of Bercy and the new library Francois Mitterrand . Road bridge, it uses direct connection to Gare de Lyon and the Austerlitz.
Proposed in 1986 by architects LG Arretche (1905-1991) and Roman Karansinski is a steel deck white like an airplane wing resting on piles through discrete purpose steel tubes that seeks to blend as much as possible in the landscape . Begun in 1993, it was completed in 1996 .

bridge prestressed concrete beam ,-the carrier member is one or more straight beams it is 207.75 m long with a width (apron) of 34,90 m .

Scheduled from the outset with the National Library François Mitterrand
Gateway is a necessary link between two neighborhoods, which hitherto ignored each .
one hand, boards (in Ipe, Brazilian wood) of the vast esplanade of the BNF (architect Dominique Perrault),
the other vegetation the Bercy gardens ,
two places additional ride and scenery, two contrasting public spaces.

On one side the great library, built in a dense area homes and offices (13th district, left bank) ;
another, a lung Green, on the edge of which stands the Palais Omnisport de Paris Bercy (Andrault Michel, Pierre Parat, Aydin Guvan, architects, with Jean Prouvé)
and film library, which covers "the paw "of the architect Frank Gehry (12th arrondissement, bank right).

A contemporary epic, "the odyssey of the lens' ... The bridge (steel) was made to 95% in the workshops of Eiffel at Lauterburg. The central part, the giant metal lens (length: 106 m, weight: 627 t), begins its descent from the Rhine Lauterbourg in late October 2005 before sailing along the coast then up the Seine to Paris, where she arrived late November. It is hoisted from barges to transport its final end of January 2006.


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