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link between the two sides ... ... Canal Saint-Martin

Small bridge for pedestrians, it's a gateway.
Not enough to make a song or movie?
And why not? A link between these two strands there and if it was a funny story, sweet and romantic ...!
In Paris, they crossed the Seine and the Canal Saint Martin ... If you unearth other, you tell me!

Season 5: the Canal Saint-Martin
There are more bridges spanning the Canal Saint-Martin, there are some on the Seine ...
latter, we allow it to borrow Lock Arsenal, hidden under the subway line No. 5, which borrows the beautiful bridge of Austerlitz , remember. ..
Prepare to change the world!
So here the Canal Saint-Martin ... and bridges!

Navigation expected Arsenal to La Villette, specifically Harbour Arsenal, listed 26.35 ft, overlooking the Seine, at La Villette basin, 51.60 m at the coast, overlooking the roundabout channels (channel Ourcq and the Canal Saint-Denis) over 4.553 km.
5 locks actually lock 9 because 4 locks are double the total elevation of 25.24 m.
The template 41.70 m by 7.80 m, 2.20 m mooring, no height 3.25 m; For the record, this template allows sasser "boat Picard," or "a boat Freycinet "and a" Berry "together ... Today they are mostly barges and boats of tourism that take this route.
compliant then? Let's go!

Basin Arsenal,
who after serving as a transit and storage of goods of any kind, offers banks " nature "and welcoming
and now houses a marina
Gateway Mornay crosses between the Boulevard Bourdon (4th ) and the Boulevard de la Bastille (12th) since 1895.

few words about the history of this channel.
The law of 29 Floreal Year X of the Republic (May 19, 1802), under the Consulate's decision is the creation of Canal Saint-Martin, Saint-Denis and Ourcq. Bonaparte, first consul, entrusts the administration of the work to the prefect of the Seine and the construction management engineers of Roads and Bridges. Discussions were held for 3 years to know what is the best project. March 17, 1805 Napoleon accepts the proposed Pierre-Simon Girard (1765-1836): it allows to bring drinking water to Paris and to create a set of channels to cut a loop of the Seine and to avoid crossing of Paris, incorporating the draft presented in 1785 by engineer Jean-Pierre Brullée responsible for the maintenance of the piped Ourcq, who from 1748 plans to create a channel from the Bassin de la Villette to join the Seine at the Arsenal.
First stone laid in mid-1822, in 1825, the canal was built, but not complete ...
Between 1860 et1862, the prefect Haussmann did cover the channel through an arch between Place de la Bastille (12th arrondissement) and the Avenue of the Republic (11th District) is located on the Boulevard Richard-Lenoir (11th arrondissement)
and from 1906 to 1907 is setting up the vault of coverage between the Avenue of the Republic and the flight of locks of the Temple by the company Boussiron Simon (1873-1958) on a draft thin vaults designed by Augustin Mesnager (1862-1933 ). Is created above the boulevard Jules Ferry (11th arrondissement). In 1906, Simon Boussiron had filed a patent for "the articulation of the arches concrete or masonry. "The proposed system introduced in the literature, joints three points instead of two: the key and close to each abutment. With this innovation, it wins the contract to cover the Canal St Martin , 27.6 m span and 243 m in length.
I do not tell you in detail the extensive renovation and consolidation undertaken since then ... except, in 2002 ... a brand new bed for the Canal Saint-Martin
The channel is registered as a historic monument since February 1993 what should he avoid a mishap like that almost occur in the early 1970s, when the Paris Council would adopt a proposed four-lane expressway to take its course!

The vault, then you enter the dock, passing under the subway line No. 1 (Vincennes-La Défense) and under the Place de la Bastille.

It emerges by the locks of the temple,
under the square Frederick Lemaitre (actor 1800-1875) and "The Grisette " (10th arrondissement).

The ghosts of the Templars and the souls of "Children of Paradise " hover on the 'Boulevard du Crime "as was called the Boulevard du Temple because of melodramas officers who were playing in theaters with only remnant Déjazet theater.
The oldest bridge of the canal (1860), the gateway to the Customs.

The concrete steps have replaced the original wooden decking. It is supported by three arches, each consisting of eight segments iron openwork longitudinally connected by threaded rods and held transversely by tie diagonal.
On one shore, the dock Jemmapes, on the other the Quai de Valmy, flush with water dock.

In 2007, the group "Children of Don Quixote" to alert public opinion and power over the lives of the homeless had set up tents along channel. It remains the song Fatals Picard, "Canal Saint-Martin."
Living together on the Canal?

Crossing Basin marshes, the bridge Alibert - arched bridge, below steel (1860) of nearby

Swing Bridge Street, God of steel, rebuilt in 1890. It is open : cars waiting vessels pass!

Swing Bridge Street God is closed: the cars go by, no boat in sight!

Richerand Gateway Bridge to crutches steel, only one of its kind.
It consists of two main beams welded forming reconstituted crutches and the railing of the deck, the access stairs are constructed partially on piles of masonry and part of another channel and half between large beams.

The colors of the street ...
The gateway and the Swing Bridge Barn beautiful (1884-1885) - steel reconstruction in 1890.
Locks Recollet.
The " atmosphere" of this place, these gateways called romantic Arletty and Amelie Poulain .
a bandwidth ...
Nearby, the "Hotel du Nord "
Gateway Bichat upstream of Lock Recollet Arch, below in cast.
On the basin Recollet
a beautiful building (brick),
industrial buildings and some historical
particularly 132-134 quai de Valmy Power Plant Company Paris Air compressed, Paul Fries, 1895-1898. Last Witness ( with SUDAC ) industrial architecture of the Compagnie Parisienne Compressed Air, and more generally of this type of construction in Paris.
The double lock the dead owes its name to two places near the macabre: a Merovingian cemetery and the grim gallows of Montfaucon, the main stem of the kings of France, destroyed in 1760, with the smell of sulfur and mandrake ...
"Cat Angel smiling" ...

Then Louis Blanc basin, aqueduct.
At the outlet, the airline Metro No. 2 in Nation Dauphine.
colors street, yet ...

nose in the air to a building on the shore, remarkable!

Let's go!

The double lock-Jaures La Villette
and gateway Jaures
the gates of Bassin de la Villette (19th);
the Canal Saint-Martin, it's over!
But ...
The Rotunda of Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1784-1789)
Ledoux (1736-1806) was asked to perform the offices of the enclosure award of Farmers General intended to collect taxes on goods entering the capital. Upon approval of the project by Louis XVI, he outlined plans for the granting of offices, which he conceived as "Propylaea," that is to say, the entrances of the city. He also intended to show the result of his architectural work, namely the reinvention "modernized" in the service of the ancient ideal of progress released by the Enlightenment.
The barrier Pantin or Rotonde de la Villette is one of the four gates of the enclosure of the Farmers General of the fifty remaining made by Ledoux. Symbols of the ancien regime, they were destroyed during the Revolution but also during the important development work under the Second Empire.
"It combines simple shapes, the circle in a square, in the manner of Palladio . On the ground floor, each of the four facades is made "Greek" of eight powerful Doric pillars surmounted by a massive entablature and a triangular pediment. Upstairs, the gallery consists of arches with Doric columns combined is also reminiscent of Roman architecture.
forms are purified, mixed volumes and inspiration of classical models is very free.

A last curiosity!
At the other end of the Bassin de la Villette, general stores buildings rehabilitated in 2008 (Chaix and Morel), already crossed on this blog ,
and Bridge rising (up ...) of the Crimean Street (19th arrondissement), the third lift bridge to be erected in France at the time of its construction in 1885 ; today, the last of its kind in Paris .
Lift Bridge Street Crimea, or bridge of Flanders (1885 - steel - Edmond Humblot) is a lift bridge at the intersection of La Villette and the Canal de l'Ourcq . It allows the Crimea Street to cross the canal and connects the dock for the Oise (north) at the dock of the Marne (south).
When the drawbridge is in action for passing a boat, pedestrians can cross the next bridge on street Crimea, fixed and elevated .

The lift bridge and the bridge are registered as historical monuments since a decree of February 12, 1993

Here, the channel Ourcq, that ends this saga "... link between two shores" ... nor on the Seine or the canal Saint-Martin!

Have you noticed that all these bridges are metal ... so different from each other, so "photogenic". Interesting is not it?

But tell me, how many are there??


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