Thursday, June 24, 2010

Mythological Allusions In Romeo And

* A letter from Ms Dinh Ha

Please include me in your Blog convent of 1971. Have come forward pictures and comments, sharing (with treats and a little envy) all the joy and friendliness of your wonderful meeting in Paris. Bravo and congratulations.

to you all the promo 71, my sincere wishes for many reunions in the future because in the end, "friendship is what remains when one has lived it all." When will the next time?


Minh Chau (Ms Dinh Ha)

PS: sending you a photo taken last April in California with Ms. Hoang Lan CO (former teacher Mundi R) and Nhu Thuc Hien (my niece) RM Promo 78.

Her Cam Note: Ms. Dinh Ha (white) resides in Maryland. When I grow up, I will like to develop myself as that! Any Yêu đời and energetic!


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