Tuesday, June 22, 2010

How To Get A White Coat Clean

* Photos of the second A and C - 1969

Because many old left Regina Mundi before their bins, we must also count as our old promotion. So I also post photos of both the Second where we have older who remain in contact with us and we will join the meeting.

A photo of the second C sent by him held, with all names, and this note: She had about 50 students. It was a record year. It could have been entered in the Guinness Book. It recognizes many heads who passed in 1st A. In addition, there was not the old Dalat arriving just in the first D.

From top to bottom and from left to right:

1st row standing: Thu Hương, Lisa Hoang Nguyet, Thu Duyen, Tuyet Minh Tuyet Lan Phương Liên, Mong Thuy Tuong Van , Ngoc Lan, Ai Place, Phương Liên, Mariella Quynh Nhu, Hong Mai
debout: Thuy Linh, Mere Sainte Anne, Le Thi Nga, Tran Thi Hung, Rita Hoang Dung, Thu Thao, Diem Chi, Thuy Hong, Bich Hanh, Snow White, Gertrude, Lake contest, Mai, My Lien , Suzanne Le 3eme Pearl

assises: Emmanuelle Bui, Anh Tram, Bich Thu, Phi Oanh, Elizabeth, Colette, Tam Anh, Hoang Yen, Bich Van, Ngoc Dung, Lan Chi, Thuy Ha,?

assises 4eme: Ngoc Mai, Ai Lan, Kim Marie Paule, As My, Ngọc Lan Ngọc Lan Christiane, Mỹ Dung Tuyet in May

And found the site Chim Ca, the photo on the A, submitted by Anh Tuyet, as with all names, shows the difference between the two classes. There is certainly much less of students in the Second A: I counted 31 students in this photo, and 48 in the photo of the second C.

From top to bottom and from left to right:

1st row standing: Kieu Oanh Lisette, Ngọc Chi, Kim Hue, Djang NGOCC Tuyen Hoa Germaine Jade, Cécile Sam Tam, Anna Ho Lien, Mireille Ha Female, Houang Agnès, Marie-Paule
2eme debout: U.S. District, U.S. Great, Marie-Rose Ngoc Thanh, Marie-Noelle Lu My Children, Ariane Bich Van, Anne Kim Nhung-Marie, Marie-Stella, Doan Thi Kim, Elizabeth, Michèle Ta Kim Anh, Kim Bao, Sr. Eliane (alias Mere Ste Anne)
3eme assises: Thu Thuy, Nhu Minh Dung, Suzanne Thuy Hong, Sa Cam, Anne Sri Shan, Christiane Dzi Trinh, Minh Chau, Anh Tuyet, Van Khanh


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