Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Corner Cream For Dark Eyes

The Terminal D

Location've sent me the photo of the Terminal D complete with all the names recorded in 1971, then they must be fair. It's great! Avec l'aide de Tuong Van, J'ai les pays de residence Adding que nous savons. 1er rang
debout: Lam Ngoc Dung (Vietnam), Ms Chi, Ngoc Lan Anne Marie (France), Tuyet Minh (France), Quynh Nhu, Tuong Van (U.S.), Thu Coast (France), H'Lin, whoever (Suisse), Thu Huong. 2eme rang
debout: Ho Thi Mai (Canada), Christiane Ngoc Lan, Que American, Tuyet Lan (U.S.), Jade Language, Ngoc Ha, My Le, Thuy Nga, Le Tran, Thuy Linh, Melle Augustine. 3eme
assises: Bach Tuyet, Bao Kieu Linh failure, Kim Chi, Chi Lan (Suisse), Ngoc Thu, Ai Lan (France), Le Thi Nga (U.S.), Tran Thi Hung (Canada), My Dung. 4eme assises
: Anne Nhung, Thuy Loan (U.S.), he said, My Duc, Thanh Binh, Phi Oanh (Australie), Manou Ngoc Lan, Ngoc Kim Marie Paule


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