Monday, June 7, 2010

How Long Will Shoulder Pain From Ectopic Last

circa 1971 * Memories, memories ....

Pour l'Enfant, de Cartes et d'amoureux estampes,
universe equals his vast appetite.
Ah! that the world is big in the lamplight!
the eyes of memory that the world is small!
Charles Baudelaire
in lost time, so many memories lurk ... You remember Tuesdays (or Thursdays?) After lunch - it's when we made our social activities. I remember sewing classes, visits to orphanages, plays, SOS village du, aux classes de danses, des Parties, etc. Je pense que nous le Mardi faisions nos activites sociales, le Jeudi est reserve pour les retenues?
Will Hong Mai Ai et sont ces partagees Souvenirs:
HM AL pack photos. HM remember? AL vine cu ling di talisman Tam Hiep, AL did not have jeans, governing is in the Muong by HM! HM scaled down and injected near the Spring and Autumn de buy books without
Cetait Bien Hoa en 1964 à 1965 avec ou de Gauche à droite: whoever, Thérèse Thu Huong Lan or Lien Huong, Hong Mai, Quynh Nhu Alice, and mother Jean-Marie.

The Two Shy - left to right: Marie Aurore Tra (Class 70), Vivianne Tuyet Mai (70) Sister Mary Rose, Mary Rose Tuyet Lan, Francoise Mỹ Linh (70), and Cam Sa
Director: Helen Mother

Then at some Mỹ Dung - they are our beautiful old with their beautiful Ao dai!
Je ne reconnais pas toutes, mais je vois Lam Ngoc Dung, Dung, Cam Sa toute bronzee, Anh Tuyet, Thu Hong, Dzi Trinh, Anh Tram.

Hong Mai Tuong Van et devant notre frangipanier.
Hong Mai Tuong Van et près du Mur de la Classe Terminale A. Entre les deux et est rules?

la Danse russe
Et pour les soldats avec Sa Cam, Minh Chau, Nguyen Thuy Hong et Anne Marie Kim Nhung.
Minh Chau, remember? Where are Anne Marie and Hong Thuy now?
Why must I always be a man? Not handsome enough to be a girl .... Basically, the whiskers suit me well, yes?

You have pictures and memories to share with us?


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