Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Compare Walls, Dickies, Carthartt

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During our participation in the meeting of old 70 to promote Paris, Tuyet Lan and I had the opportunity to visit with former teachers: Sister Eliane (aka mother St. Anne), Sister Helen, Sister Sophie, Anna Maria (she took us to our social activities all the time if you remember), Ms. Thai, Miss May.

Ms. Thai sang a song for us - it was very touching and has a beautiful voice!

And Miss That was so nice! She brought us cupcakes she made for us, they are good these cupcakes in the box Rusk. I'd be surprised if it was so small in reality as in my memory, it was so great on his stool with his always impeccable bun and her tunic.
It writhed with laughter with tales of our social activities Anna Maria (who is no longer a sister and two children). She had made dolls mountain door key so cute she has recently returned from Vietnam. Sister Sophie

science teacher? As I have not had as a teacher, I'm not sure.

Sister Helen still beats those beautiful blue eyes very s sweet when it is moved, always as smooth and quiet even when she growls.

Sister Eliane, as always with his step energetic, greets everyone with enthusiasm. It has a memory like an elephant and a small notebook where she wrote the names of all old she met and / or contacted! So if your memory fails you, you can always visit.

It was a moving experience for me to retrace my steps with these little bits of memories of our childhoods. How is it possible that 39 years have passed? Next year, for us it would be 40 years since we left the gate Couvent des Oiseaux in Saigon. It would be nice if we could see everyone, teachers and old, at the Abbey?


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