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Les Halles, a crossroads ...

Eight one hundred thousand travelers (users?) spend every day at Les Halles, by the 3 RER lines or 5 subway lines that intersect and intertwine in the basement, in the resort " Châtelet Les Halles !
You do, we are part, is not it sometimes?

This is obviously not the walk that I propose, no basement, no movies, no shops or the Forum ...

But what say you the reaction of the historian Louis Chevalier (1911-2001) on the forum said :
" stench sudden announcement that the traveler approaches the metro station Halles, ie say that donkeys are called Forum, in total ignorance of what a forum and what it evokes: the fresh air, light, the sun at the stars, the porticos and the trees, mingled with rumors of joyous crowds, the songs of birds. The Forum claimed deserve much better to be called hole: with all the bad odors that escape holes, including one that calls Rabelais bluntly by its name: the "shit hole", and which makes me think this disillusioned about visitors of the forum: it's crap. "Has he noticed that his description of Rabelaisian forum revives the" spirit of place ?

architect Claude Vasconi born in 1940 Alsace, died Dec. 11, 2009, was made famous by the achievement of the Forum des Halles Georges Pencreac'h with his partner until 1981.
Winner of this Forum in 1973, Forum opened in 1979, Claude Vasconi had drawn a central square lined with glass cascading through the "hole" Les Halles between the RER and the zero level.
He claimed that when he won the competition in 1973, Baltard houses had been destroyed and the hole of Halles already dug. "There have been keep these magnificent buildings for which I had expressed in 1970, but the crime was consummated" he explained in an interview.
In 2004, he had strongly criticized the four projects for the redevelopment of Les Halles. "I'm surprised their radicalism. They break everything, or almost, and rebouchent the crater, which is absurd, it is the only entry of natural light in the basement ," said the architect.

And yes, this place is a long-standing, purpose of development projects, of "gestures" political controversies and various restructuring ... the structuring
I need not describe in detail the latest and current, the press keeps us in trouble in underway between supporters and opponents "canopy" promised ...
The Prefect of Paris said the renovation project of the Halles district public utility by decree dated July 8, 2010. So

... I wanted to go back (and you take) see what is still on the surface, this great "tile", while some areas are already closed and labeled as being the subject of a demolition permit and that the tender for the procurement deconstruction of flags Willerval is out!
Walk earlier memory somehow ...

A little more patience for a little back in time ... I can not resist the urge to raise flags Baltard destroyed from August 1971
together transfer Halles to Rungis (decision taken in 1959, moving in 1969) .
"The departure of fruits and vegetables from the heart of Paris, February 28, 1969," by Raymond Mason (in Saint-Eustache) "
A flag has survived exile Nogent-sur-Marne (94), it seems that the remains of others were sold at the fair to scrap Chatou in 1972!

ensued strong polemics on architectural projects and what has been called "Trou des Halles . We will return in a few steps.

In 1802, a Napoleonic decree ordering the construction of four market halls and the renovation of Les Halles market. It is concerned with "urban health", but it is also concerned about the supply of capital . So he flung the construction of a central hall between the market of the Innocents and the Corn Exchange. The question was taken in 1840 and City Council at the initiative of the prefect Rambuteau created the Commission des Halles, which has to decide between two projects, one of Napoleon and a location along the Seine, chose the first.
Already, one of the controversies is the question of removal or not Halles outside Paris.
In 1845, Victor Baltard (1806-1874) and Felix are named Callet architects Halles, and in 1848 they implement their new project which will see hazards (off imposed in 1853 by Napoleon III ...) and will resume on new foundations, supported by Haussmann, prefect again in 1854.
If twelve pavilions were originally planned, between 1852 and 1870, ten houses, six in the east and four west of the centerline, were actually constructed;
the 11th and 12th will be in 1936 . All these houses enjoyed the "luxury" of the day (water, gas ...) to perform cleaning work at night.
Evidence of what was the " belly of Paris ", Zola's novel is an evocation of the tastiest this den of supplies and activity that prevailed.

Let's walk over to my steps , as I taste on this blog.
Overhanging Forum , pavilions Willerval, rue Pierre Lescot and Rue Rambuteau.
After various adventures, arm wrestling Ville State, consultation, decision-making and cons, the cancellation of a building permit, following the abandonment of the project Bofill and auditorium project international consultation was launched in 1979 for the treatment of the bracket Rambuteau Street - rue Pierre Lescot, just outside the Forum. is the project of Jean Willerval with Andre Lagarde, who is chosen by the Mayor of Paris in December .

The project was to reduce the weight and size of new buildings, and treat them as a transition between the garden and surrounding architectures, with the effects of volumetric gradation of lightness and transparency.
This is then consistent with new directions for whole sector , unlike many previous proposals to imposing architecture.
From the first sketches expressing these guidelines, Jean Willerval develops the final principle: " After a year of research, we proposed an architecture of steel and glass with basic module was "chanterelle " ...
Apart from its aesthetic and evocative architecture of the pavilions, these kinds of umbrellas had also reversed the advantage of not causing a rupture with plastic Architecture Forum Vasconi
and even the flying buttresses of Saint-Eustache ,

as well as with architectural elements of the vegetable garden.
There is a continuity of expression that provides some architectural unity in the whole area of Les Halles. Enough has been criticized for architects to never play the game the environment! "
Planning permission granted end of 1980, is modified by amending two licenses (the first at the request of the Commission of the Sites, to better protect their perspectives on the Bourse de Commerce
and Saint-Eustache,
and the second at the request of Jacques Lang, who became Minister of Culture in 1981 reducing the building Lescot to better clarify the view of St. Eustatius from the Place des Innocents).
Work began June 81 and ends in late 1982 .
The "umbrella of glass and steel Girolle" designed by Jean Prouvé,
originals by method (shifting outside the main supporting structure, the secondary structure the Deferral glazing and drainage), originally planned stainless steel have not shown the durability of their time or sealing them, because of their complex geometry as a result of defects in implementation and maintenance.
The place, including terraces, appears deserted and attendance is uninviting ...
architect Jean Willerval, born 1924, died in April 1996. He can not now defend his work at Les Halles, harshly criticized ...

And yet, you noticed Without a priori, the harmony that emerges; look so ...

Most trees planted in the 1980s have twenty years, only the age of maturity and the idea of replacing them with a lawn "closed to the public?" "What evil spirit! - is it better?

Garden and ... gardeners.

Garden Adventure him, been assigned and directed by Claude Lalanne, between 1980 and 1986 for children.
The southern part of the garden of Les Halles, designed by architect Louis Arretche along the street is designed Berger (1979-1986) by François-Xavier Lalanne (1924-2008), plant architecture reminiscent of the pavilions Baltard

perfectly integrated into the whole.
In their works are characterized primarily by animal sculptures, created the garden at Les Halles is at hand ... What will remain there in a few weeks?

impressive, quietly put on the forecourt basket in the Church of St. Eustache since 1986, she listens , this sculpture in the shape of his head thoughtfully, due to Henry Miller .
What Does? A rumor in the garden, the place came Square ...
or other equipment delivered 1985 by architect Paul Chemetov ? Who knows? Perhaps a rising murmur of large greenhouses.

We do not enter now into the church Saint-Eustache,
a quick glance in passing, and does not penetrate the secret of that tower adjacent to the Bourse du Commerce
... simply deferred to the next publication!
They do not appear immediately threatened!

... to September 2010!
Thanks to sites that I checked out some interesting old photos ...


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