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How To Complete The Third Relic Sims 3

Bagatelle all this? Perhaps, but not any!

to you to see if it is aptly named the park ...
A trifle is a "Object of little value or useless," "something frivolous, unimportant," "pleasant frivolities that occupy the world," or "a flirtation, gallantry" ...

Enjoy the quiet month of August, go check it out ... you enjoy a together, you eat a show ... " Glance BIODIVERSITY " until October 31, 2010 and pass a pleasant moment.
Look, for example, this anamorphic:


and what we see in front, directing his gaze on the superposition 3 angles of :

Here, the bandwidths ...

A "folly" of the 18th Century, the delightful Ch√Ęteau de Bagatelle , designed by Francois-Joseph Belanger, built in 1777 in just 64 days after its owner the Count of Artois took up the challenge of his sister Queen Marie-Antoinette, who wanted to stay there on his return two months after (Source: Secret Memoirs (known Bachaumont) for use in the history of the Republic of Letters in France, since 1762 until present)

In front, a garden to the "French"! and basically, you know, of course ...

Parc de Bagatelle is an elegant garden-style Anglo-Chinese largely directed by the Scottish gardener Thomas Blaikie, of great renown. This park of 24 acres landscaped with lovely pastoral scenes dotted with "factories" (small building fantasies, philosophical, utilities or decorating a garden, especially in English, parts and waterfalls, caves, small bridges, cooler, Chinese pagoda ...) many of which have now disappeared.

The art of gardening was in large changes in response to the rigor of French gardens of the 17th century. They invented landscapes inspired theatrical paintings of Nicolas Poussin and Lorrain. Traders, or the Jesuit missionaries returning from China brought back images of Chinese pagodas, we would immediately find in his garden!
Pagodon The Chinese style you learn is recent. Upon the sale of objects and works of garden art in 1906, the original was bought by an Englishman, Lord Astor, who installed him in his English property. It was there he had to redo the plans to rebuild the same in 1996.

Park and Castle Bagatelle escaped destruction during the Revolution. They passed from hand to hand, including (in 1870) between those of Sir Richard Wallace (Who designed and funded the fountains that bear his name).
The orangery in 1865,

the main gate to the stables of 1860 and 1864.
The pavilions were built to guard in 1873 by architect Desanges and the Trianon and the two terraces.

In sad state, the complex was purchased by the City of Paris in 1905 , who entrusted its restoration to the curator of the gardens of Paris, Jean-Claude -Nicolas Forestier .
The latter made the park a botanical garden collections, without destroying the harmony of the previous arrangements. He created "spaces" presentation to exhibit collections of roses, irises, perennials, clematis, peonies ...

C ' is to him we owe the famous Rose Garden trifle rich in 8000 1200 and rose varieties, resulting each year in an international competition, and that since 1907!

To learn more about Bagatelle parks and factories, a click!
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