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Cree Egypt

A Cairene said the regime crisis

27/01/2011 The
Cairo, January 26, 2011. Second day of protests in Egypt after call webcast , and relayed by a few printed newspapers like Al Masry Al Youm and Al Shorouk. Until 25, no one knew what would happen and we joked about the revolution announced by dint of a joke. And what are you doing tomorrow? Ah, tomorrow, I revolution. But the joke was not one. We went down the street and have taken. It was so simple. Why wait so long.

The police intimidation and fear of dying tortured lead to paralysis. That is also simple to understand and that is why we cry. We live for thirty years in fear and falsehood. The Egyptians are friendly, hospitable, peaceful and a joker. Pardon me, reader. It was a lie. We live in fear. Fear of displeasing. Fear of dying of hunger. Afraid to say something wrong and being raped, beaten, humiliated in a police station or in the street before our families and our neighbors. No, reader, Egypt is not alone in moderate Middle East is one of the most sophisticated didacture, the finest, most skillful and most vicious. His talent as despicable? Control information and control what you, outside, think of it. The real talent of Egypt is that of a Master senseless filtering information, disinformation, image creation, isolation of any event likely to snowball. Courage is viral, it is said, when the dictatorship was provided with an effective antidote, the total control of society. Official sources, security forces and Egyptian intelligence count 1,500,000 people. By themselves, they represent nearly 2% of the population.

Scoop. The demonstration on January 25, 2011 is not the first. Events, there are almost daily and for years. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011. Everywhere the people shouted his anger in the black absolute misinformation. In May 2008, Mahalla, a provincial town famous for its textile industry, thousands of workers without pay had taken possession of their factories, the street, pushed the anti-riot trucks and debunked a giant portrait of President Hosni Mubarak . In Egypt, people have seen these images do not meet the Gaumont Opera. During the events, and to control information leaks, police spotters were posted on trains and checked one by one the passengers bound for Mahalla to arrest journalists and bloggers. Challiss McDonough, VOA, was one of them.

the benefit of his own safety, the Mubarak regime leaves nothing to chance. The state allocates 15 billion Egyptian pounds (2 billion euros) to the Interior cons 4.5 billion (64 million) for education and $ 5 billion for health (71 million). Control information, therefore, at any price. Stop. Beat. Kill. Entertain.

Since January 25, the national television channels broadcast videos, soap operas and shows how essential O on rare tropical. At twenty hours, they air-finally! - Images of riots ... Lebanon, as of course. To date, access to Internet by fixed line is almost stable, but the mobile Internet is much less. Access to Twitter has been blocked on January 25 and then regained 26 to 23:00. January 26, facebook was blocked in the day then restored. Order of the Ministry of Interior, the telephone relay Mobinil and Vodafone are immediately blocked in sensitive areas, that is to say where it manifests .

But that manifests and has called for demonstrations? The Muslim Brotherhood? Fundamentalists? Triple nonsense and balderdash! Shake the specter of Islamism was the sinister strategy of the regime to justify its dictatorship in the eyes of thirty world. That we stop, out of pity and respect for those who pay for their daily bread and their lives, to support this lie worn to the bone. Those who appear, they are Egyptians free, exasperated, united, handled by individual, small, large, Muslims, Christians, atheists, rich and poor. This unit, the slogans that I translate in another post demonstrated forcefully, gaiety, humor and poetry.

But it is difficult, therefore, to communicate, coordinate, inform each other, to know where we are, what we are. You who are outdoors, sometimes in more than we know. These cries of Egypt, I will tell you what I see and read your comments to inform my countrymen on what prevents us from seeing. It is 11:10 p.m.

hours Local. An hour ago Talaat Harb Square (city center), was plunged into darkness. When the police cut the power, it is about to pull the crowd. The following



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