Thursday, January 27, 2011

How Long Can A Gingerbread Last?

pyramid, you said pyramid?

I just noticed that the one that stands in the middle of the Louvre is not even yet in this blog!

And yet ... discreet and transparent, pure and clear, she said marvel at the majesty and the expansion of the buildings around it!

Architect is IM Pei (born in 1917 in Guangzhou (China)).
Open to the public on 1 April 1988 it offers visitors unique access to the museum and the "thrill" to enter and ...

Glass and metal we see through it,

and we see the sky and its neighbors are reflected stone.

Thirty five meters side, 20.6 m high, composed of 603 diamonds and 70 triangles of glass ...

Needless reviews ... it's the look he is here take it!

Here is a pyramid with these changes ...

him, Louis the fourteenth, he does not see ... he turns his back, he looks to the west!

And, below ...

The inverted pyramid ...

And The Museum ... and that, you know, is not it?


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