Tuesday, December 7, 2010

What Are More Frequent Periods A Sign Of

December 16, 2010 14 - Lawrence Dauré Acrimed of the guest of December 9, 2010

Dauré Lawrence came to present Acrimed, Action media critic.
social movement born in 1995 in the wake of Call for solidarity with the strikers, our association, to perform the functions of a media watchdog has made since its inception in 1996 as an association-junction. It brings together journalists and media staff, researchers and academics, social movement actors and "users" of media. It seeks to share professional knowledge, theoretical knowledge and knowledge activists in the service of an independent critique, radical and uncompromising. It also evokes
signed articles in the Lawrence site Acrimed, whose treatment is especially Malfait and not by the media came from Noam Chomsky June 2010.
link to the article on the advent of Chomsky: http://www.acrimed.org/auteur208.html


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