Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How Long Is Lauren Londons Weave

16-John Manuel Traimond the Guest of December 23, 2010

JM Traimond
This guest on Thursday December 23, 2010, Jean Manuel Traimond. He had already come on RL in our show, a few years ago, to discuss his book entitled "Treasure of wickedness. "Anthology of humor to the use of anarchists.
As there are only a few hours before Christmas, we hope to receive from him a new gift. Hopefully it considers that we have put into practice his treatise useful humor to Anar. In case of disappointment, does he not leave with our new date?

This curious traveler (it seems that according to him, the anarchists are champions of curiosity ... still a compliment ...), would the United Arab Emirates with a lot of "Suras"! We do not know what it is, but surely it's worth its weight in oil.

And we'll ask him about his plans, his informative walks on "Water Thieves," the crimes of capitalism whose victims have only increased in number since the "untouchables" Japan, Pakistanis in Dubai and many more.

During his travels and translations of "anarchists", he met a character who died in February 2010, a writer, English architect, editor of "Anarchy", Colin Ward. And new access to "curiosity" is going to lend an ear if John Manuel willing to talk about that English anarchist who had devised a new form of rudder for a mutual company, federalist-based anarchist organization in which units organizing are small, temporary and limited powers, free and voluntary action. And he described, very in tune with the new technologies of networks, the organization of "cyber-anarchy", as opposed to capitalism, "mechanical" and disposer of the individual.
Colin Ward

And John Traimond manual, a book mentions of Colin Ward in which the "anarchism is compared to the seeds under the snow." The snow is here, in December, up to us to grow this "seed" of Anarchy.

So, dear listeners Chronicle Weekly ... Listen ...


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