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Vidéo Iphone Kate Playground

The visitors Tuileries

It's autumn!

The sculptures in the Tuileries and contemporary works are "passing through" ... Here are some of these unusual visitors, taken from life, a stormy day!
Their stay will be brief, from 21 to 24 October 2010. Do not worry, I heard they come back every year at the same time, during the "fiac '...

Trusting to the organizer , I took a few words about each artist and each work. Do not read if the sculpture inspires you ... if not, read soon, soon forgotten!
While some make you smile, move you, annoy you ... it's perfect. Otherwise, come back next year ... but believe me, be persistent! You will win!
Its forms are those elements that allow the flow plumbing underground.
In the work of Guillaume Leblon " Population summary (Clay) " works are an extension of" Development "(2005)," Population Summary "(2008) and House Contents 1 and 2 (2008).
Born in Lille in 1971, he lives and works in Paris .

This complex cluster of bars red, white and blue stands like a sculpture both large, unstable and dangerous.

At Using bar jumping, repainted in the colors of the Stars and Stripes, Mounir Fatmi turns the flag a huge American Mikado, obstacle impossible to overcome.

Born in Tangier in 1970, he lives and works between Paris and Tangier.

Like all works of Jonathan Meese , it is characterized by its desire to assert its " dictatorship of art" (Kunst der Diktatur) by means of public appearances and performances.
He lives and works in Berlin and Hamburg. Although it is primarily his reputation to large facilities and its outstanding performances, Jonathan Meese recently returned to more traditional fields of painting, drawing and sculpture.

Made of cast aluminum painted white, despite its massive,
this "tree" seems surprisingly fragile, as if it were a fossil brittle.
The theme of the tree is recurrent in the work of Ugo Rondinone .
The title " Turn back time. Lets start this again day "is from a poem whose theme is the transience of the moment.
Born in Brunnen (Switzerland) in 1964, Ugo Rondinone lives and works in New York.

The sculpture "Eidolon " long tubular pink aluminum, is representative of the work of Franz West , still in line with the body. It shows his interest in the interplay of color and shape biomorphic with nature and the urban environment.
"Untitled" composed of two sculptures, one green and one blue,

is the same approach that " Eidolon , "while adding references to furniture, an area often explored by the artist.
Born in Vienna in 1947 where he lives and works, Franz West is one of the major protagonists of the international art scene. When it begins (during the 60s), Viennese Actionism dominates the scene Austrian art. The advantage of this movement for the body and performance is reflected in his work, even if Franz West is a reaction against the action.

This large aluminum sculpture, also known as "The Unbegotten" (Die Ungeborenen) gave its name to the exhibition at the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna in 1997.

These machines, sculptures Bruno Gironcoli reflect complex existential issues: the relationship between man and woman, sexuality, violence and enslavement.
Born in Villach in Austria in 1936, he died in 2010. From his earliest works in wire to the monumental sculptures of recent years, the artist has developed a characteristic form of expression. He was born in New York in 1936. Often considered a minimum artist or land art, her past as an anthropologist probably the key to understanding his work.

This minimalist sculpture shows the emotional power of objects hidden in very simple and the burden they bring to a place. Richard Nonas works the raw material: wood, stone, steel ...

is a snake (fiberglass and steel), the incarnation of the infinite and eternal, considered both as the beginning and end of all events.

Through the icons of Indian culture, the work of Subodh Gupta questions the notion of a possible "Indianness" in the context of contemporary art, globalization, and the possibility of a dialogue between East and West. They question the caste system, the sacred, the consumer society, the daily ,.....
Born in 1964 in India, Subodh Gupta lives and works in New Delhi.

Thomas Houseago is radical in its conservatism, turning our contemporary notions of sculpture with works that span both history and the immediacy of the artist's hand.

The story is of paramount importance for him, which seems to reveal all that is "not contemporary" Looking unabashed about the past to create his vision of the future.
Born in 1972 in Leeds, England, he lives and works in Los Angeles

Breda of Carl Andre is composed by juxtaposing the ground of 99 blocks of blue granite .

It seems to illustrate the words of the artist's own practice " I'm just asking the Endless Column of Brancusi on the floor, instead of draw (...) skyward.
Born in 1935 in Quincy (Mass.), Carl Andre lives and works in New York.

"Shepherd" no evidence he no attachment Markus Lüpertz the themes of ancient mythology?

Born in Liberec, Bohemia in 1941, he lives and works in Düsseldorf. Known primarily as a painter, sculpture is part of his work since the late 1970s.

"faithful reproduction, although deviating in its materials, rubbish chutes in that we see hanging in the windows of buildings under construction, the sculpture plays the multiplication of a matrix form which fits and unfolds to form a corridor waste disposal. The analogy between gullies yards and digestive system quickly takes shape and is the critical load of the work which can therefore be read as the place of the refusal of some use and more widely from one mode of life cannibal. " (Guillaume Mansart)

Beyond the reference to construction chutes, the work presented here is part of a set of recent work by Rudolph Huguet who share common usages of diverting the wicker to redirect to other forms, which themselves carry a new fantasy ... Behind the humor identifiable in these trips always flush with political awareness.

Otto Freundlich (1878-1943) was a pioneer of nonrepresentational painting. Present very early in the collections of German museums, his works were destroyed by the Nazis after 1939. "Composition" is one of three monumental sculptures made by Freundlich between 1929 and 1935 during the years he spent in Paris.

This period marks the testing of a reconciliation in the sculpture of organic and complex geometric

With "The Musician" (1937) Henry Laurens (1885 - 1954)

approach is both fun and critical to this work in wood, both conceptual, poetic and subversive.
Jennifer Allora (born in 1974 in the U.S.) and Guillermo Calzadilla (born in 1974 in Cuba) collaborating since 1995. Their work, based on various media, set up systems where subtle humor mingles realism to expose some current events, while creating platforms of social communication. They represent the U.S. at the upcoming Venice Biennale in 2011

This impressive chest inspired by the Belvedere Torso, preserved in the Vatican Museum in Rome. A body simultaneously defective, dilapidated and impressive is shown.

Unlike the original in marble, it is realized in the modern material of choice: concrete. Justin Matherly was born in 1972 in West Islip, New York, USA. He lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

"Tongue" is a language steel; a celebration speech, taste, sensuality. For its size monumental, it stands before us as a sublime object; could almost forget its primary function!

sculptures Not Vital s' almost always inspire its environment: the Swiss mountains of his childhood, the urban New York where he resides, and Agadez, Niger desert town.

"Narcissus Garden " is made of hundreds of steel spheres, Such mirrors she calls "kinetic Carpet." It dates from 1966 when the first participation of Yayoi Kusama at the 33rd Venice Biennale. It is an emblematic work of the artist.
Born in Matsumoto in Japan in 1929, works by Yayoi Kusama are now found in many museums around the world. In 2008, you may have seen " Dots obsession" at the Halle de la Villette .
From 1957 to 1972, Yayoi Kusama works New York, where she attends Jasper Johns, Claes Oldenurg, Joseph Cornell, who became a friend, Andy Warhol and other artists of the avant-garde. His work is at the crossroads of pop art, minimalism and environmental art. Paintings, sculptures, photographs, happenings, installations abound and it becomes famous. Like Louise Bourgeois, another old lady of contemporary art, Yayoi Kusama has used the trauma of childhood to create a work radical and multiple.

forms of sculpture presented here result from torsional games suffered by an IPN, which is a primary structure and devoid of function.
Member of Supports / Surfaces "in the 70's, Bernard Pagès bases its work on exploring various types of ligatures and joints ensuring Functional association of various materials which he uses the formal possibilities.
Born at Cahors in 1939, Bernard Pagès lives and works near Nice, Tales in the Alpes-Maritimes.

A final, also contemporary, escaped from the exhibition " Counterpoint, Russian contemporary art " the Louvre Museum

Rivoli side ...

Orsay side .. .

Here ... Go faster!


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