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St. Louis de Vincennes, concrete, bricks and millstone ...

A tower of bricks behind the buildings "Haussmann" Hex, 50 meters high Saint-Louis de Vincennes!
Various projects for the construction of a church west of Vincennes have succeeded in the late 19th century. architects Jacques Droz (1882-1955) and Joseph Marrast (1881-1971), won the contest in 1912 for the edification of the church.
is a Byzantine-style building and one of the first examples of religious architecture exploiting the possibilities of reinforced concrete combines modernity and simplicity, back to the early church.
Fund Marrast
The exterior walls of the church of St. Louis are millstones, sometimes apparatus through which a red brick.
She stands well clear of buildings in the neighborhood ...

The work, undertaken on territory taken from two parishes (those of Vincennes and Saint-Mandé), began in 1914, then interrupted by the war did not resume until 1919.
The bell and the glorification of Saint-Louis (Maurice Denis) date only from 1927.
At the foot of the tower above a little austere, right from the porch, St. Louis welcomes us!

is a sculpture on fresh concrete, conducted by Carlo Sarrabezolles (1888-1971)
"... Sarrabezolles will find a method sculpture, this time is surprising and clearly recalls the manner of the painters of the past, since Sarrabezolles sculpts the fresh concrete.
For several years we know the cement, a process that requires the use of models and molds . Nothing like it here, this is the cement sculptures.
As the painter in fresco painted plaster that dries wet, search Sarrabezolles fresh concrete formwork after ten hours of making and hardens as it dries . Difficulty of a job that requires a skill of the artist almost inconceivable because the cement hardens within hours, he must constantly prune . "
few steps, dominated by a canopy painted
confess a weakness for the two peacocks clumsy, a little" Aztec "... Lift up your eyes, christ you look!

porch The frescoes were done by Henry MARRET (1878-1964), that we will find inside.
One enters a building "central plan" (as opposed to the basilica of Saint Jean de Montmartre, for example) made with means resolutely contemporary :

four reinforced concrete arches, arranged in a square, defining a single nave and supporting an octagonal lantern with bays provide overhead lighting.

Three large roses made of glass blocks from Saint-Gobain embedded in the cement can benefit from daylight.

The decoration of the church is due largely to the Sacred Art Workshops formed in 1919 under the leadership, including the painter Maurice Denis (1870-1943), leader Nabi movement and convinced Christian.
He is the author of "Beatitudes" located in the spandrels of the large arches

and "The Glorification of St. Louis, 1927, which covers the entire polygonal apse of the choir.

St. Louis administered justice in the forest of Vincennes, in the shade of large oak ...
Vincennes Castle, the Louvre and characters sometimes represented his century in the guise of contemporary and familiar to the artist.

This work is not a fresco. Denis used the "Stic B" which is a range of matte painting, invented immediately after the first war to cover and smooth the rough surfaces of concrete. Maurice Denis (1870-1943), was the first to use it as a decorative painting for the occasion and helped to promote itself among artists in the years 1930 and 1940. It is hardly known today.
The Holy Spirit , above the chorus is also Maurice Denis.
ceramics, colorful, bright, giving life instead ... very present and characteristic of this church, designed by Maurice Dhomme (1882-1974).
The Chair noted for its great sounding and figures (man, lion, bull and eagle), which symbolize the four evangelists (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). These are the lantern by Henri Marret.

Man and Matthew

lion and Mark, and Luke the bull,

Eagle and John.
The altar,

and various decorations of the choir.

He is also the statues of Joan of Arc ,
Anthony of Padua, Therese of the Child Jesus, Blessed Isabella, sister of St. Louis,
and Calvary donated by his heirs.

The Saint-Jean-Baptiste funds baptismal ,
the Christ Pantocrator at the top , located above the altar,
and the Way of the Cross (1921) are made by Henry MARRET . Maurice Denis (1870-1943) his friend and neighbor says "Marret is the best illustrator of the walls of his time. .

From ironworker Raymond Subes (1891-1970) can be very difficult to see the doors of the tabernacle of the altar.

This harmonious virgin and child of one of the side chapels were carved by Armand BOUTROLLE .
Listed as historic monuments in 1994, the Church of St. Louis has been classified in its entirety by the Ministry of Culture 10 September 1996
You'll find it at 22 rue Fays in VINCENNES (94300) and the Metro Line 1 will get you there if you choose the station Saint-Mandé Tourelle.
One last look ... Touching, no?

The organ of St. Louis de Vincennes was installed in 1954-1955 by the organ builder Gonzalez.
After 50 years, the current state of the instrument and its limitations, due to its design, have motivated the decision by the association owns the church, build a new organ.

A vot 'bon heart ...


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