Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hamilton Beachmodel K Food Mixer

Welcome Blog of the convent of the promotion 1971!

Cheers! T Lan et moi sommes uyet revenues juste de la Reunion de la promo à Paris 1970. Nous avons eu

la chance de rencontrer Dominique Ai Lan, Tuyet Mai, Hoang Anh Tram Rose Marie du Samedi Soir le 24 Avril 2010 à l'Abbaye d'abord; Then our little group walked to an Italian restaurant - Villa De Medici - to join the meeting of the class 1970. You recognize us?

From left to right: Cam Sa, Dominica, Tuyet Lan Tram Anh, Tuyet and May

During dinner, everyone thought it was time to organize a meeting of our class in 2011 after 40 years. Where will our reunion take us? You come with me? Yes?

PS: This is the first time I use Blogger, so I'll fumble. If someone wants to help me with this blog as co-editor, let me know! I decided to emigrate to Blogger because I think it would be easier to use than Shutterfly.


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