Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sayings For My Daughter On Her 2nd Birthday

Hello Mosi mosi (moshi moshi) Allô

An Algerian colleague told me this story.
An Algerian was newly hired by our Japanese office. He had often heard the Japanese say "Mosi mosi [moshi moshi]" to the phone, so he thought it meant "Hello". So the first day of work, he told all his Japanese colleagues "mosi mosi! Mosi mosi!"
He did not know that word was used exclusively by telephone.
But is it true that it is used only phone? Indeed, the French word "hello" is used at the beginning of the call, but it is a phonetic borrowing of the English word "Hello!" If the Japanese had wanted a new word for this new medium, they would have done the same thing as the French. "Mosi mosi" is not a coined word for it. So where does this "greeting"?
Once in Tokyo, I went out with a new jacket, but had forgotten to cut the last basting (shame). Before the subway station, a nice lady challenged me back "Mosi mosi! Mosi mosi! A is still tacking on your new jacket." And she was gently removed.
Thus, this word is used to call someone back. If someone can vous voir, vous n'avez qu'à lui faire la main. "Mosi mosi" est utilisé seulement lorsque l'interlocuteur ne peut vous apercevoir.
Des témoignages disent qu'au début de service téléphonique, les Japonais disaient "oï oï! "au lieu de" mosi mosi ". En effet, on dit" Oï "pour interpeller quelqu'un de loin.

cloud Hey I (Ôï kumo-yo)
calmly (Yûyû-to)
Is not it foolish, carefree (Baka-ni nonki-sôzya-naïka) [sôja]
'm going to where (Doko-madé Yuku-n-da)
ずっと 磐城 平 の 方 まで 行く ん か (Zutto Iwaki-Taira-no-ho madé Yuku-n-ka)
"Hey, Cloud! You have the air devilishly quiet and nonchalant. You're going far? You'll go far, Iwaki-Taira up? " (A poem Yamamura Botyô [bocho]) 山村 暮 鸟 "yukunka" is colloquial.

But people thought the word "Oi oi" a little too abrupt to begin a normal conversation. That's why he was replaced by "mosi mosi" softer ears. This is logical because the caller can not see you on the phone.
The word "mosi" comes from the verb "Mosu" 申す (もうす), and it has nothing to do with the conjunction "mosi", "si" in French. "Mosu" is the modest form of the verb "iu" 言う (いう). "Mosi mosi" would mean "I speak, I speak".


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