Thursday, May 14, 2009

Men Brazilian Wax At Las Cruces

Caribbean economy is entirely in the hands of the White
Hoops called Békés, grand son of
settlers themselves descendants of slavery - slavery
that has become a more modern
field workers are paid a pittance and
commodity prices fixed by the masters,
exorbitant. They monopolize the banana, sugar cane, rum
, retail, import-export
and hospitality shared with some big names
French. The mulattos and blacks, they left the small and medium
distribution. The mixed-bloods have
shops and restaurants, the black-bloods have
shops and greasy spoon neighborhood. It's very strange when you think
. Does this mean that the more one is black
least we are good at business? I'm looking
, I do not know any African-Caribbean who has
successful in this activity. The truth is that
obstacles that confront them are insurmountable. There
first brother color which makes it by jealousy
shots in the back because the Negro is so difficult because it supports
the success of its neighbor. But there
especially banks that do not trust him and the Békés
who do not accept its competition and even less to see
overcome his status as a slave or colonized
. They never ceased to do so
fall (again, after all, is the law of contract: the strongest
crush the weak, but their willingness to crush
has maybe nothing to do with the market). In contrast, mandates
political and professional
belong to him almost completely. There are two reasons for this
. The first result of successive defeats and without appeal
which have discouraged long
everything is not black to stand for election - yes, good,
is true that there are one or two very rare exceptions .
The second is that nobody can do anything against the native
when he decides to investigate. And studies,
this is not the highlight of Beke who prefers early
learn the business because the real power here as elsewhere,
is money.
You probably noticed that I used the word
indigenous (native population inhabited the country) to designate the
Black Caribbean, and although I should not have.
For the last true native Caribbean Indians and
Arawaks, are in some sort of reservations
Dominica and St. Vincent. One could even say that Békés,
or white-Hoops are more "indigenous" than African-Caribbean
they arrived before the slaves they did come from Africa
after ousting the Indians and took their
develop land for the cultivation of sugar cane


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