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Novel Excerpt 4: Anatomy of a

Anatomy of a Guadeloupe

Available since June 17, 2009 on the sites and, and of course in all libraries The harmattan. Fnac soon. You can also order from your bookstore. ___________________________________________________________________________

AN AUTOPSY Guadeloupe
Roman Robert ORCHARD Editions L'Harmattan

Anatomy of a Guadeloupe is the title of my first novel to be published in the month of June 2009 by Editions L'Harmattan .

Back Cover:

few months before the latest events in Guadeloupe, the author had already mentioned in this book all the problems that were highlighted during these strikes. This novel autobiograhique aims to illuminate the Guadeloupe from another angle. And say that it really is. One thing is certain: the French metropolis knows that the face that the French island wants them to see. Nothing is hidden, everything is said, without shame and without shame. And for sure many will be bothered by certain truths.
All this served with a beautiful writing full of humor and self-mockery.

Born in Pointe-à-Pitre, Robert Orchard arrives in Paris at age 15. He holds a Master of Arts and Letters, majoring Cinema, he now works as Olympic gold medalist, in the GPSR, the Group of Protection and Safety Networks RATP.


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