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Salah Hamouri: The Elysee does not keep its promises!

On June 29, Jean-David Levitte, diplomatic adviser of Nicolas Sarkozy, Denise received Hamouri rue de l'Elysee. I accompanied it. After the interview about where developments were required, a statement (attached) was published and posted on the site of Salah Hamouri. Jean-David Levitte had to call me immediately and asked me to remove it from the site, given (sic) of the reaction of the Israeli Ambassador to France and, if confirmed to him, was in Salah's interest than to withdraw. Immediately asked and done. But, as you will see, this commitment has no place to be: it was about the "new" on the case of Salah and the attitude of France towards our compatriot. He made commitments. None given. That is why we are releasing this statement. Happy reading! And still more than ever, Salah. Soon Operation Attack Facebook "... Regards.
Jean-Claude Lefort .


Denise Hamouri, Salah's mother, accompanied by Jean-Claude Lefort, met last Monday, June 28, rue de l'Elysee Jean-David Levitte, Diplomatic Adviser to the President of the Republic, in the presence of Nicolas Galey, Technical Advisor on the Near and Middle East.

Diplomatic Adviser said at the outset that President Nicolas Sarkozy would equal attention and equal determination to secure the release of Gilad Shalit and Salah Hamouri. For the President, the two youths are French and he defended well.

regards Salah Hamouri it was noted by the Adviser that the indictment of Israeli military court does not mention any facts or reprehensible act but a mere " intention ", a concept which is a purely arbitrary.

Therefore, as the Adviser, among 2,000 French prisoners abroad, the President focused his attention on the most obvious cases of unfairness and therefore it would be mobilized in this for the release of Salah Hamouri he has already, as the Adviser, called on several occasions with the current Israeli authorities.

It was noted that the Advisor denoted his words quite clearly what had been said on Salah Hamouri and if the two reported cases were treated on an equal footing, so it was difficult to understand, for example, the President has still not received the family of Salah Hamouri with the notable difference of the Shalit family.

It was also noted that Salah Hamouri was not considered a "rule of law but by a State at war, which condemns its military tribunals by the very people it occupies even though they were innocent of charges charges against them or who were conducting the Arbitrary pure and simple. It was reiterated that do not take into account this fact and immediately constituted a major serious misconduct.

Similarly it was reported that the same state never releases when there is an exchange of prisoners, Palestinians from Jerusalem.

He recalled the request for remission of sentence filed by Salah at 2 / 3 thirds of his sentence served, resulted in a clear rejection of the ad hoc and a worsening of the charges against him.

The idea that Israel Salah, who is innocent, should also make "excuses" unacceptable humiliation being added to the injustice that the heavy hitting for over 5 years. Similarly

it was highly reiterated that the expulsion of Salah or his extradition to France was clearly denied. Salah has a right as any human being to live wherever he wants.

Councillor stressed that nothing is likely to stop the release request of Salah while he has already spent more than 5 years in prison for "intent" assumption. He also indicated that new initiatives will be taken to the Israeli authorities. The interview lasted three quarters of an hour. Comments

The change in tone and approach set out verbally during the interview are undoubtedly possible, put in the multiple initiatives in a spirit of broad rally to demand the release of Salah. Despite claims to the Adviser, it is difficult to see the same desire to free Gilad Shalit and Salah Hamouri.

The President of the Republic has written to parents of Gilad at the 4th "anniversary" of his capture.

So when he wrote to Mr and Mrs Hamouriune letter ending, and one sent to parents of Giladle June 25, with these words: "I measure fatigue, anger or misunderstanding that day after day since June 25, 2006, you feel. The dignity with which you have demonstrated your courage and your work at all times has been exemplary. You can be proud of you and your son, as we are with Gilad and his parents. "For now

not one letter has been sent to the family Hamouri who have not been received at the Elysee Palace and never the name of Salah has been cited publicly by the President. And if the requests for release were made repeatedly it is difficult to say whether they were effective.

It can be pulled a clear conclusion of this meeting: the echo of the growing demand for the release of Salah can not be ignored in high places. This means if our mobilization unifying, day after day, was helpful. It must be pursued. Salah is a victim and not guilty.

There are no facts alleged against him - a supposed intention is not a fact - and therefore certainly not have intended to detonate the car of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and throwing a Molotov cocktail against an army vehicle Israel as was stated in a telegram lying to Associated Press published yesterday, at 21 h 17, "Yahoo".

Salah has already spent more than 5 years in prison for nothing. His release is not dependent on him but his jailers. Gilad Shalit, the President called on multiple occasions his unconditional release. Why should it be different for Salah?

Salah another 16 months in prison to do. We do not resign ourselves to the idea that it is not released much earlier. Each passing day, after these more than 5 years in prison, is a day that sees Salah imprisoning too. A notable difference of Gilad Shalit, and it's not our fault, the fate of Salah is not linked to negotiations obscure.

His release depends only on the Israeli authorities.

is the only certainty we have - we, but the French authorities.

We do not have to replace them any way they do but it is our responsibility to demand from them as we continued to do so. We have some reasons to continue and keep up the pressure. The new About

held by Adviser to the President, the fact that for the first time the website of the Presidency recalls publicly, in his way, the case of Salah show that our engagement does not leave indifferent and is not in vain.

Salah already very heavily and unfairly "paid" the occupation of Jerusalem and his homeland. It is high time that Salah go home.

New words heard n'endormiront not our intention and our action. On the contrary they show that our efforts are not wasted.

is why our demand - which is the only tangible guarantee of certainty that exists to secure his release - remains stronger than ever:

Liberation Salah Hamouri! And fast!

Paris, June 29, 2010


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