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Herpes Pubic Hair Under Arms

Your help to free a person who dares to denounce violations of human rights by

Choupinette Choupi Tuesday February 15, 2011, 16:54


The poet and journalist Angye Gaona was arrested. The Colombian government wants to silence her to keep the darkness of genocide. Angye Gaona Poet and witness stopped to think, Colombia, the country where the state has converted the act of thinking a crime. Angye Gaona, it is part of the committee organizing the International Festival of Poetry of MedellĂ­n.

Urgent international action is by his release and to denounce the Colombian state maintains more than 7,500 people jailed for "crimes of opinion" we are facing a real dictatorship camouflaged.

is an intolerable situation: each day they stop, are murder or disappearance of a political opponent, student union, a sociologist, a peasant ... Repression by the Colombian State against the Colombian people to appease his social claims is brutal.

It is urgent that the world moves in solidarity!

Signatures should be sent to: Aurora

Tumanischwili : a_tumanoff@yahoo.com.ar

With only:

.. . I sign for the release of the poet Angye Gaona.

... With your first and last name, your "professional", your city and your country.

No link, but an email.

summary translation of this text : http://www.bolinf.es/wp/?p=28935

Colombia is a country untouchable. The country is run by the American right. Unfortunately, once again, politicians, men of straw of the American right and wrong we want to do, with some exceptions, the international community avoid criticizing the Colombian Government. The international community silent all the abuses committed in Colombia the field of human rights.

A sampling of recent abuse of Colombian politics:

Have 7,500 political prisoners;
Dispose of Cabinet members involved in drug trafficking;
Having a connection between government and paramilitary groups;
Having a president also denounced for buying journalists
To win some voters, they believe they killed terrorists while the military has murdered innocent young people.

would have thought the international community if another country such as Ecuador, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, etc.. This area had committed such acts?

Colombia is the only country in South America where U.S. bases are located and the Americans as corrupt Colombian politicians to believe that the Americans provide development assistance but this is false. Today, after the nightmare of Alvaro Uribe, Juan Manuel Santos chairs the country, the very man who chose to continue the policy of his predecessor. He was Minister of Defence under President Uribe with an army guilty of corruption and connections with the paramilitaries.

Day by day, human rights are trampled.

In the second week of January, the Government continued to imprison citizens opponents. One of felonies was the last stop Angye Gaona , Colombian poet and journalist, a woman who contends with the lowest single offense was to denounce the excesses that are discussed above. The government also as the prior art practice of Uribe's arrest disable members of associations which are respect for human rights. Angye was arrested with two students and a trade unionist.

Their technique: First they imprison people without charge, they keep them imprisoned for a year or so, to release them, saying they are innocent. In this way, they succeed to dismantle the social movements.

As for Kabila, we join the demand for the immediate issuance of Angye Gaona and all political prisoners who meet the Colombian jails. And we ask the Community Internationalequ'elle an end to excesses against human rights committed by the Colombian Government.

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