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Bijutsukan (museum) bijutsukan

There are two kinds of museums in Japan. One is bijutsukan and other Hakubutsukan . If it's written in Chinese characters, the word gives bijutsukan 美术馆. The word Bijutsu (美术) means Fine Arts, and the character kan (馆) away. So the word means bijutsukan literally the Hotel des Beaux Arts. (You must be careful: If the item kan means the hotel is only when it is part of a compound word. There is no Japanese word kan who wants to say the hotel.)
is the bijutsukan my "Prefecture" Aomori.

The exhibition of the great Napoleon is scheduled for August.

In contrast, Hakubutsukan word is applied to all other museums whose main interest is not necessarily the Fine Arts. Thus, the Louvre is there a bijutsukan and the British Museum a Hakubutsukan . The criterion is rather vague, and we choose one of two words somewhat arbitrarily, I think he said. The word
hakubutsu is ambiguous, meaning both the natural history and exposure. A museum is a Hakubutsukan , but large public buildings that put rare objects are all Hakubutsukan .
This word is written in kanji like this: 博物馆. The last character is always kan hotel. If the second Kanji means simply "things" is the first character that causes the ambiguity. It means "spread", so it is an active sense, is a hotel to "spread things," but if it is passive, the institution manages "things common" or universal things that are subject to the natural sciences.
The word for the Fine Arts Bijutsu (美术) is composed of two characters which mean respectively "beauty" and "technical arts". In Japan, beauty is bi . The people of Tokyo tend to pronounce bijitsukan instead of bijutsukan . Thus the pronunciation of Tokyoites is not necessarily correct, even if the Japanese standard was coined more or less artificially modeled on the Japanese in the Tokyo area.


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