Thursday, September 23, 2010

Quinine Dissolved Dichloromethane


few stories that my friends sent me:

From Voice Of America (VOA )

And an article in Thoi Bao.

Last week Burton had a party for everyone at home and he told us he will take the show in Dallas next year, in February, and we will renew this show here in Houston also at the same time.

There will be no DVD because they want to take this show elsewhere.

Now I am preparing for a comic opera The Mikado (Gilbert and Sullivan), offered by a community college here. I sing in the chorus girls.

My life has changed a lot since my retirement ... Weird, I never imagined that one day I'll do what I do now. If only my friends are here with me!

Now, about our meeting, most Votes are to Paris. We must decide a date and set up a committee to organize our meeting.

Can you let me know if walking late May for everyone? You can email me or respond by posting a comment. Thank you my friends!


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